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Welcome to the Website of the

Biocenter MS Platform! 

The Biocenter MS Platform provides a centralized organizational structure for the analysis of organic molecules from different organisms at the Biocenter Cologne. With the completed merger of the Mass Spectrometry expertise from the fields of botany and zoology, the scientific scope increases and existing capacities can thus be optimally utilized and further developed.

The platform provides a broad range of analytical methods and the potential to develop innovative solutions for project-specific issues with modern technical equipment.

State-of-the-art measurements are offered to all interested researchers, ranging from metabolic fingerprinting, analysis of individual organelles or cell types to high-throughput measurements of biomarkers. Thus, the platform makes an important contribution to structural elucidation, localization and function of organic molecules.

We are accredited by the German Research Foundation (DFG).

The Biocenter MS platform is supported by the Cluster of Excellence for Plant Science (CEPLAS).

More information about CEPLAS can be found here.