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The Biocenter MS platform offers internal research groups of the Biocenter Cologne, as well as external researchers, the identification and quantification of metabolites from various biological matrices.
The primary goal of the Center is the development of methods for the extraction and subsequent analysis of primary and secondary metabolites, e.g. by liquid and gas chromatographic separation techniques coupled to mass spectrometry.

Here, the platform supports the development of optimal sample preparation as well as experimental design.
The analytical method is optimized and validated together with the user, in order to obtain meaningful results.
For processing of the raw data and subsequent statistical analysis the appropriate software is available and  can be used.  In addition, the option to hand over fully analyzed data is available.

It is also possible to measure samples in high throughput with automated analysis.
Furthermore the platform offers the identification and structure elucidation of unknown compounds by high resolution MS and/or the respective fragmentation pattern (MS/MS).

<media 11380 - - "TEXT, Website Ceplas Talk, Website_Ceplas_Talk.pdf, 2.3 MB">Here</media> you can find some very informative slide about what you have to consider before starting your experiments to keep quality high.


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