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QTRAP MS for fast quantification
  • Fast scheduled MRM Scans
  • Scanrate of  20 000 Da/s
  • Up to  1000 single analytes per Run
  • Agilent 1260 HPLC
  • Advion triversa NanoMate

Bruker Daltonics maXis 4G
QTOF MS for accurate mass determinations
  • Resolution of 60.000 FHWM
  • Massaccuracy  <1ppm
  • DIONEX UltiMate 3000 UPLC
  • Bruker 450 GC system

Agilent 7700
ICP-MS  for high resolution multi element analytics
  • ORS3 reaction system for less noise
  • Highly resolving collision cell allowing accurate element measurement
  • High pressure microwave oven

Eksigent nanoLC 2D
Nano LC seperations for small size samples
  • UV Detection
  • Gilson Dilutor
  • PAL Autosampler with MALDI Spotter 
  • 384 Well Plate Fraction Collector

Thermo  Exactive
ORBITRAP MS for HR mass determinations
  • Resolving power from 100.000 FWHM
  • Maximum scan speed 10Hz
  • Thermo Accela UPLC System

Bruker ultrafleXtreme
MALDI-TOF/TOF MS for Peptidomics measurements
  • Resolution in reflector mode up to 20kDa
  • 1 kHz in MS/MS Modus for structure analysis
  • up to 2kHz scan speed in MS Mode for fingerprint measurements
  • Smartbeam lasertechnology

Voyager-DE STR Workstation
MALDI-TOF MS for Proteomics
  • time-delayed extraction
  • 20 Hz N2-laser 337nm
  • positive / negative polarity
  • reflector and linear Ionoptics

Labcyte Portrait 630 Spotter
Full-automatic spotter for contamination-free matrix applications
  • Acustic droplet ejection (ADE) system170 pL droplets
  • 200 droplets/sec
  • Spot on spot positional precision: 40 µm
  • Full color CCD camera
  • For Metall- and glastargets :
      123x81 mm, 75x25 mm; 44-47 mm2; 57            mm2; 55x41 mm


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Bruker ImagePrep
  • full automated matrix depostion for highly reproducable applications
  • Resolution of 50 µm
  • Push-button operation


Contact Dr. Susanne Neupert

Price on request