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Master of Science

Ecology, Evolution, and Environment

The Master of Science in Ecology, Evolution, and Environment is being offered since winter term 2023/2024 at the University of Cologne. It is an interdisciplinary study program that focuses on training in ecology and evolution using state-of-the-art concepts and technologies

Key Facts

  • Degree: Master of Science
  • Duration: 4 semesters, full-time
  • Language: English
  • Start: Winter term (October each year)
  • Number of places: 16

This program offers:

  • deep insights into ecological and evolutionary processes in response to ongoing environmental in the anthropocene
  • a high degree of practical experience through lab work and field research applying state-of-the-art techniques.
  • access to modern laboratories, analytical and sequencing facilities, to the new field station and to the Zoo Nature Conservation Center

Environments and communities are currently undergoing its most dramatic changes since the last millennium. We will address these changes on different levels of complexity ranging from individuals over populations and communities to biodiversity by teaching a wide range of concepts, methods and techniques. Methods range from ecophysiology, over analyses of gene expression and genomes to quantification of bioactive compounds. In conclusion this program will contribute to a deep understanding of processes and mechanisms in the context of global change and biodiversity loss.

Graduate competencies:

Graduates will be able to identify open questions in the areas of ecology in the context of global change and to elaborate new approaches to address these scientific questions, and present their findings. Upon completion a wide range of career opportunities for graduates will open. These range from pursuing further academic training in doctoral studies to entry into a career with environmental authorities, environmental offices, and life science industry and scientific outreach and communication.


For detailed information about the study program "Ecology, Evolution, and Environment", please contact: 

Dr. Anja Scherwaß
Study Program Coordinator
E-Mail: teach-ecologySpamProtectionuni-koeln.de

For general information about the M.Sc. program, please contact: mscbiol-office@uni-koeln.de