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Genetics and Biology of Aging and Regeneration

Program Profile

The “Master of Science in Genetics and Biology of Aging and Regeneration” is an interdisciplinary Master’s program taught in English that focuses on basic and biomedical research-oriented training using state-of-the-art technologies. The program is designed for students with a bachelor's degree in the life sciences who meet the criteria specified in the "Admission Regulations". It aims to advance students’ knowledge in molecular genetics and the biology of aging and regeneration and prepare students to pursue independent scientific activities in the field of molecular life sciences in the academic, governmental, or private sectors. Students who complete the Master's program will receive the title “Master of Science in Genetics and Biology of Aging and Regeneration”.

Graduate profile

The Master’s program aims to train students in timely and exciting research areas that have been of significant public interest and relevance. The students will learn which molecular mechanisms and processes underlie the functions of cells and tissues of an organism and how these functions are maintained. They will also learn how dysfunctions contribute to aging and age-related diseases. Topics introducing options for prevention, clinical intervention, and potential treatment of age-related diseases are also part of the curriculum. Graduates will be able to identify open questions in the areas of the Master's program, develop innovative experimental strategies to address these scientific questions, and present their findings. Completing the interdisciplinary program in a highly interactive research environment will open a wide range of career opportunities for graduates. These range from pursuing further academic training in doctoral studies to direct entry into careers in the life science industry (clinical, diagnostic, forensic, and pharmaceutical laboratories), science management, transfer, and scientific outreach and communication.

Program Structure

The Master's program in Genetics and Biology of Aging and Regeneration combines theoretical and practical research-oriented training components. It spans over two years, starting with the Lecture and Seminar series in the first semester, followed by Subject and laboratory Project Modules during the second and third semesters. The program concludes with a practical Master's thesis in the fourth semester.