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Foto: © Fabian Stürtz

The Department of Biology of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at the University of Cologne represents an internationally cooperating research focus in the field of molecular life sciences. Amongst others this is reflected in the two Clusters of Excellence "Cluster of Excellence on Cellular Stress Responses in Aging-Associated Diseases" (CECAD) and "Cluster of Excellence on Plant Sciences - from complex traits towards synthetic modules" (CEPLAS), four special research areas (SFB  670, 680, 829 and 1218), the internationally oriented graduate education, the Center for Molecular Medicine (CMMC) and the "Cologne Center for Genomics" (CCG). In its guidelines, the University of Cologne has designated "Life Sciences" as a priority.


Foto: © Fabian Stürtz

The Bachelor of Biology degree was introduced in winter 2003/04 as the first bachelor degree programme of the university. The English speaking Master's program in "Biological Sciences" started in winter 2005/06 and allows a specialization in one or more of the seven research priorities of the Department. Both programmes were accredited in May 2009. The offered courses in Biology are complemented by interdisciplinary master's degree programme in Environmental Sciences (IMES) and Neuroscience. A "fast-track" master's programme is affiliated with the Graduate School for Biological Sciences. The Department also conducts the teaching degree in biology at grammar and comprehensive schools (since winter 2011/12: Bachelor of Arts and Master of Education).