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M.Sc. Genetics and Biology of Aging and Regeneration

Program structure

The Master's program in Genetics and Biology of Aging and Regeneration combines theoretical and practical research-oriented training components. It spans over two years, starting with the Basic modules in the first semester, followed by Subject and laboratory Project Modules during the second and third semesters. This is completed by two Elective modules between the first and second or between the second and third semester. The program concludes with a practical master's thesis in the fourth semester.

Basic modules are the compulsory lecture series "Principles of Molecular Genetics, Development and Aging" as well as the compulsory seminar series "Modern Techniques and Approaches in Genetics, Aging and Regeneration Research". Furthermore, you can choose two out of five additional lectures.

For the subject modules you can choose between different courses that deepen your gained knowledge.

Project modules are intended to be practical research projects in a lab at the University of Cologne. It enables you to apply your theoretical knowledge in practice and gain important methodological experience for your master's thesis and your future career.

With the master’s thesis, you show your ability to apply the skills you have acquired throughout the program and conduct your very own research in a lab with an aim to contribute to scientific knowledge.

Further details on the modules and module descriptions, can be found here.