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Master of Science

Master of Science in Biological Sciences Degree Program of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences of the University of Cologne

The Master of Science in Biological Sciences is taught as a two-years full-time study program in English. The program is research-oriented and subdivided into several fields to allow for a specialization according to the students’ interests. With this program, students acquire an excellent understanding of modern biological research practice both in the broad biological science context and in particular in the specialized field of the curriculum.

Specializations and scientific topics as of winter term 2020/2021

Structure of the program

As of winter term 2021/22

Please Note

For students who intend to study abroad the Elective and Project Modules are the most suitable, but details need to be arranged with a student adviser.

Scientific topics and specializations until summer term 2020

  • Modules will be offered in seven research areas:
  • (B) Biochemistry, Biotechnology and Biophysics
  • (C) Computational Biology
  • (D) Developmental Biology
  • (E) Ecology and Evolution
  • (G) Genetics and Cell Biology
  • (N) Neurobiology
  • (P) Molecular Plant Sciences

A research area may be indicated as specialization in the Masters of Science in Biological Sciences certificate, for students who have conducted at least 4 of 7 modules (including subject, elective, and project modules) as well as the Master’s Thesis in one research area.