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Registration for subject modules and time schedules


Registration for subject modules

Subject module places in the Master´s program Biological Sciences are allocated via KLIPS 2.

Modules of the first half of the term have to be chosen during the second application phase in KLIPS 2, modules of the second half of the term during the third application phase. Beginning and duration of the different application phases can be found below (see "Time schedules for subject modules" of the respective term).

To choose your modules, please log in with your smail account-data under https://klips2.uni-koeln.de/co/webnav.ini

Online-help websites for the course application and for prioritising courses can be found under http://klips2-support.uni-koeln.de/12146.html?&L=1 (Applying for courses) and http://klips2-support.uni-koeln.de/12147.html?&L=1 (Prioritising of courses). Your chance to get a place in one of the courses will increase with the number of courses you apply for and subsequently prioritise. Please apply for at least three courses. However, you should not apply for or prioritise courses you definitely would not participate in.

Please also see the following PDF for important information concerning the correct path in the KLIPS system.

Time schedules for subject modules

Time schedules for the subject modules in the winter and summer term can be found below. Please note the validity period at the top. There are no fixed time schedules for other types of modules (e.g. project or laboratory modules).

Winter term
Summer term