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Subject modules (per term)

Please note

  • The following module descriptions of ongoing and past terms are for orientation purposes only.  In general, the offers as well as the specific content of modules may differ from year to year. Therefore, please pay attention to which term and year a specific module description corresponds (recognizable from the examination dates at the end of each module description).

  • If you are unsure whether restrictions for the participation in a certain module may apply (e.g. in case of allergies or pregnancy) please contact PD Dr. Joachim Schmidt or Dr. Jan Weber

  • Students may apply to exchange one subject module by a laboratory module. For further information please contact PD Dr. Joachim Schmidt or Dr. Jan Weber at least two weeks before the beginning of the module.

Module descriptions winter term

Module descriptions summer term

Corona notification for summer term 2020

The MSc subject modules of the first half summer term 2020 need to be cancelled. The modules may be shifted to the summer term break as far as possible or compensated by alternative modules. As soon as further information is available it will be posted on the M.Sc. webpage following this link.