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Corona notification summer term 2020

Date: 20-April-2020

Subject modules of the second half started with introductions as of May 18 and with teaching as of May 25.

There will be an offer of subject modules during the summer term break (August/September), since subject modules of the first half summer term 2020 needed to be cancelled, because teaching at the University of Cologne had been stopped until 20-April-2020 .

All students will be informed by email as soon as details on subject modules are known that will be taught this summer term 2020.

Subject modules

Please note

  • The following module descriptions of ongoing and past terms are for orientation purposes only.  In general, the offers as well as the specific content of modules may differ from year to year.
  • If you are unsure whether restrictions for the participation in a certain module may apply (e.g. in case of allergies or pregnancy) please contact PD Dr. Joachim Schmidt or Dr. Jan Weber.
  • Participation in a subject module requires attendance of the introduction to the module (date specified in the subject module description) and at all scheduled days. Students who do not attend may be excluded from the module.
  • Students can cancel participation in a subject module only before the module has started (contact Dr. Jan Weber, Mscbiol-officeSpamProtectionuni-koeln.de). In exceptional cases, the M.Sc. Degree Committee will decide whether a request for cancelling participation in a module that has already begun is justified. Such request must be submitted by the student within the first two weeks of the module (contact Mscbiol-officeSpamProtectionuni-koeln.de).
  • Students may apply to exchange one subject module by a laboratory module. For further information please contact PD Dr. Joachim Schmidt or Dr. Jan Weber at least two weeks before the beginning of the module.
  • For further information and evaluation forms for examiners download the subject module portfolio.

Single PDF files of portfolio documents:

A sorting by term can be found here.